Model5 d.o.o.
Bačvanska 21/1
11000, Beograd
Datum: 26.02.2020
PIT - Project implementation team

From early beginnings Company Model 5 was dedicated for the improving of road safety. For 20 years of experience in the field of road safety, we cooperated with a lot of customers, and developed many different solutions for increasing of road safety. All activities, starting with studies, projects and equipment implementation were based on research work.

This is why we were ready for United Nation "Decade of Action for Road Safety" (A/RES/64/255) proclaimed for the period 2011–2020 and being in position to implement measures in five proposed road safety pillars.

Inside Model 5 organization, certified with ISO 9001:2008 standard, we established the Road Safety Project Implementation Team (RS PIT).

Main purpose of RS PIT is to act as a road safety specialized entity in local and Regional/ International road safety market, as well as to provide quality support service to Companies which are implementing the Road Safety projects in the Republic of Serbia or even wider in the Balkan Region (Internationally).

RS PIT is ready to provide wide range of road safety services in accordance with UN Decade for road safety Global Plan of activities, such as:

  • Review and improvement of road safety capacities on national and local level (institutional, human, financial, etc.)
  • Support in crash data analysis (detailed time and spatial accident analysis) and improvement of crash database structure (introduction/improvements of GPS and GIS tools)
  • Preparation of "Roof" road safety documents (Road Safety Strategies, Action Plans, etc.)
  • Analysis of road safety legal framework ("Gap analysis") with proposal for improvements
  • Analysis of road design standards ("Gap analysis"), with proposal for improvements
  • Analysis of performance and proposal for improvements for different road safety stakeholders (Road Administration, Traffic Police, Road Traffic Agency, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, etc.)
  • Preparation of road safety media campaigns
  • Improvement of traffic education of children
  • Implementation of road safety tools (Black Spot Management, Road Safety Audit, Road Safety Inspection, In-Depth Analysis, etc.)
  • Design of different road projects, as well as traffic signalization and equipment projects


Several main reasons why to work with Model 5 RS PIT:

  • We are fully dedicated in improving of road safety
  • We have the best local road safety experts with National, Regional and International experience
  • We know all Local and Regional road safety stakeholders and their characteristics
  • We have good personal contacts in each road safety stakeholders
  • We know Local and Regional road safety legal frameworks
  • We have experience and results in road safety projects in Balkan area
  • We are young and highly educated staff with international experiences and we speaks English, Russian and all Balkan languages
  • We can provide fully logistics to our partners in aim to support and facilitate any road safety project and other logistics like but not limited to: office space with all necessary equipment for running the projects in center of Belgrade, Local/Regional transportation, translation in several languages, apartment rental, and all other services in Serbia and Region
  • We have good financial history record


Therefore, we are sure that we can help you in implementation of any Local and Regional/International road safety projects in Serbia or in any Balkan country. We hope that we will have chance to confirm our good reputation.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us.