Model 5 d.o.o.

“Model 5” LLC from Belgrade was established in 1993 with strong motivation and the intention to answer every demand related to the organization and development of traffic areas and general condition of traffic safety on the roads of the Republic of Serbia and in the region, by having responsible approach, high quality of work and professional staff. Company “Model 5” has 40 employees today and after 25 years of successful business represents one of the leading companies in this area which is proven by the realized projects and the satisfaction of both the investors and clients. “Model 5” as a limited liability company supports a lot of humanitarian events and it is present at all traffic-related seminars and trade fairs organized in the Republic of Serbia and abroad.

Company “Model 5” is a place where new values are created, a place where diligent, competent and educated people work. We believe that learning is a never ending process and this is applied in our daily work.

In the previous period we have reached the level where we are pleased to introduce ourselves as a reliable and a serious business partner. We have achieved growth in all the segments of our business: traffic, medicine, publishing and education.

Satisfaction with the results is even bigger knowing that these results were achieved in the period of very serious and harsh business conditions, on the both global and the local level.

The fundamental idea of our company policy is high-quality adaptability to market conditions and success on the market as a reply to all the challenges. Standards by which we operate guarantee a high level of quality of our products and services. Company’s growth and enviable successes at the market open a wider space for cooperation with partners in all areas of our business.

Our main task is satisfaction of our clients and providing high quality of service to all who are prepared to trust us. We are looking forward to receiving your call and with having the opportunity to have one experience more we are expecting Your demands. People, who work in the company “Model 5”, are aware that doing business is creating possibilities for new successes and it will be our pleasure to receive and use the chance you will offer us.