Development of planning documents includes parts of documents related to traffic road subsystem. In this process, with the goal of latter adoption of planning document, data about current state of the road infrastructure are being collected, an estimation is being given, potentials and limits are being defined, proposal of general and particular goals is being given, as well as proposal of general rules of use, modelling, protection and development of a planned area.

The spatial traffic development and road infrastructure system are defined during development of parts of physical plans related to road infrastructure, with observing possible conflicts and resolving the same in space on the principles of sustainable development.

Preparation of the parts of master plans related to road traffic or making of the entire master plans related to roads are connected to settled, respectively civil area. Corridors and traffic capacity are defined in them, as well as conditions for traffic design and roads net construction , as well as conditions for their joining.

Planning documentation must contain rules for designing and building, as well as graphic view. It must be in accordance with Operative law of planning and building.

– Development of spatial plans
– Development of urban plans