The goal of a traffic-technical traffic modelling of the interior parts in a factory is creating better and safer conditions for smooth traffic flow process in the factory (special purpose facility). For accomplishing that, it is necessary to execute detailed collection of information and documentary from Investor/ Customer. With demands of Investor/Customer, a design of traffic solution is going to be done, in accordance with operative laws, rulebooks and standards. Every traffic project is done in that way that the Investor is informed , in every moment, about all things related to realization, until final realization of the project.

The next goals should be achieved during development of the project:

– Factory area traffic modelling , which provides safer traffic
Stationary traffic modelling, which has goal to reduce impact on, at first, dynamical traffic, than to improve safety of vulnerable participants in traffic

– Pedestrian flows traffic modelling which would provide safe roads for pedestrians, who move into the object

– Determing traffic regimes with the goal of improving services and safety on the roads. Access of determining traffic regime depends on situation, states on fields, analysis of traffic safety on those locations, traffic flows, the most congested sections of the road.

– Fire escape traffic modelling to create possibilities that employees, in case of fire, at the fastest and safest way, avoid danger and come to the safe place
Warehouse traffic modelling to enable safe movement of a forklift and/or pedestrians in the warehouse.

Factory areas traffic modelling

– Factory area traffic modelling
– Available roads traffic modelling
– Stationary traffic modelling
– Pedestrian flows traffic modelling
– Determing traffic regimes
– Fire escape traffic modelling
– The warehouse traffic modelling
– Conducting the traffic in interior areas