Under article 158. of Law on Road Traffic Safety, traffic-technical regulation represents applying all
measures for achieving desired level of functionality and safety of the traffic on the roads and in settlements. That measures are achieved by developing technical documentation and performing in accordance with traffic project. Technical documentation consists of the Project of traffic and traffic signalization, Technical control project report and the required documentation.

Our architectural design office has required capacities and behind itself it has more than 500 traffic projects. Our professional team , that consists of experts, is capable to make all types of traffic projects according to investor’s demands. Projects of traffic- technical regulation, both for some sections of the road and the whole settlements and cities, stand out there.

We develop projects of signpost and tourist signalization in accordance with decisions and solutions of traffic on those locations. With designed guideposts we attach type, construction and dimensions of the sign pole, and also required dimension of sign pole base. We develop projects of traffic technical modelling of school areas based on detailed analysis of the current state of traffic infrastructure, signalization and traffic conditions, as well as evaluation of state’s safety of the zone. Additionally, we develop projects of marking and traffic design of pedestrian zones, zones for slow traffic and “zone 30”.

We also develop projects for designing of traffic areas, car parks, pedestrian and cycle lanes, bus stops and we equip it with the street furniture that we produce by ourselves. With the projects of design of parking places we provide both maximal capacity of parking lots at that surface and smooth traffic flow, by respecting all rules and standards.

We provide maximal efficiency and service with the projects of light signalization both at individual intersections and long street corridors by using coordinated work of light signals.
We develop projects of installing cameras for detecting offences at locations with increased percent of traffic rules disrespect .

Also, we create digital cadaster of traffic signalization and equipment that has multiple benefits for authorities for conducting of road and street network.

For the purpose of work conducting we make projects of temporary signalization by which maximal safety of both the participants in traffic and workers at the construction site is ensured. By applying the most modern solutions and safety road measures we raise traffic safety at the highest level.

– Projects of technical regulation
– Projects of tourist signalization
– Projects of signalization of guide posts
– Projects of school zone designing
– Projects of temporary signalization
– Projects of installing cameras for offences detection
– Projects of placement of protective pedestrian fences
– Traffic design of the parking lots traffic
– Bus stops traffic designing
– Making cadasters of traffic signalization
– Traffic lights at intersections
– Coordinated work of light signals
– Slow traffic zones
– Zone 30