In our company we pay attention to the road safety promotion and one of the major mechanism for that is preparation of Road safety studies. During preparation of studies we use systematical approach which gives systematical solutions, considering measures which contribute to promotion of the current situation.

The problem is explained in the introductive part, respectively the subject which will be exposed in the study, goals of preparing study, space and time of study. In parallel with this observing the best national and worldwide experiences and practices is being done, also legal regulations from aforementioned area. The next step is data collection from public available sources, as well as data from a competent authority. Next to this, the researching includes field researches at a study’s place, which include recording parameters, significant indicators for observing road safety in that area. The researches are undertaken according to defined methodology, and also people that work at the fieldwork have a training. After that we access the expert analysis of the collected materials, on which works group of professional engineers with experience in researching area and an estimation of the current state is given. Measures for promotion of the current state are proposed according to the both analysis and the estimation of the current state. Based on analysis and based on estimation, appropriate measures of a short-term, medium-term and long-term for improving of the current state are proposed.

Proposed measures are the last step in preparation of the study, but they are not the last step in promotion of the road traffic safety. The study gives directives for further work, respectively suggests in which direction we must act, whether it is development of the project of the traffic signalization, traffic education, regulation changes etc.

– Revision and checking road safety
– Analysis of Pedestrian safety
– Analysis of Road safety
– Analysis of traffic accidents at intersection and selection of the place for camera installing
– Analysis of Road cycling safety
– Dangerous places recovery
– Safe routes to school
– Analysis of the effect of parking zone’s system