In order to the quality planning and system traffic management in some town, traffic studies are essential and important tool. In hierarchical view they represent the main document which produces conditions, recommendations and directives for preparation of specific projects from traffic area.

Studies can have general character, such as Studies on technical regulation, where all aspects from traffic system are processed at appropriate level (traffic signalization, traffic regimes, stationary traffic, public and intercity transport, traffic guidance, pedestrian traffic, cycle traffic…). This type of study determines the points of problem and gives recommendation for taking short-term, medium-term and long-term measures, based on current state analysis and observing planning and other documents.

Also, with a goal of determining and checking the state, defining measures for promoting, improving methods for following the state and other in some areas of traffic are made specific studies which are occupied with some traffic areas (planning, regulation, safety…) or their specific parts or appearances.

Studies on traffic planning , which process completely planning transport of a city, can be prepared in that way, also Studies on traffic planning, which process some parts, also can be prepared, for example our professional team was preparing the Study- expansion of cycle lanes and corridors and the Study- promotion of traffic areas for disabled persons. The subject of specific studies can be observing worldwide experiences and traffic area solutions which are not defined in our rulebooks and standards, but their use can impact on improving quality of traffic system, increasing of safety, reduction of number of accidents and alleviate their consequences. We have prepared the Study- usage of new solutions of horizontal signalization and traffic equipment, as example.

Our team has the full capacity ( 10 traffic engineers, one of them is a doctor of science) to make itself almost all types of studies from traffic area.

– Studies on technical regulation
– Promotion of traffic areas for disabled persons
– Expansion of cycle lanes and corridors
– Usage of new solutions of horizontal signalization and traffic equipment