Epoxy paint is two component final coating on the base of epoxy resin, high-quality pigments, fillers, additives and solvents.

It is used for protection and decoration of mineral concrete floors in the interior design. It is suitable for easy and normal to medium heavy mechanic loads in:

– manufacturing plant
– places of food industry
– warehouses
– mechanical workshops
– cold storages.

The coating has resistance to dilute acids , salts, fuels, lubricants and alyphatic compounds. Also, it has great estetic and mechanical qualities.


– Easy application
– Great protective power
– Excellent mechanical qualities
– Waterproof
– Durability on temperatures from -10 to + 80°C
– Short-term loads in intervals from -25 to +150°C
– Good chemical resistance to salt and low concentrated acids
– Made by RAL card


Appearance: Pigmented mixture

Colour: RAL shade card or related to customer’s demand

Gloss: High gloss or related to customer’s demand

Density (mixture A+B) / 20ºC:
1,20 ± 0,05g/cm³ SRPS EN ISO 2811-1
Nonvolatile matter content:
Min 70 ± 2% (m/m) SRPS EN ISO 3251

Drying (at 20ºC i 50% of relative humidity):
Dry at the dust: 2-3 h
Dry on touch: 12-16h
Completely dry: 24h, and completely phisical-chemical resistance is achieved after 7 days

Drying time depends on the temperature of surface and environment, coating thickness and relative humidity.

Theorical consumption of the mixture A+B+C:
For thickness of dry layer , from 50-60 micrometers, consumption is 5-6m²/kg.

Cleaning tools:
Clean it with the solvent for TOP PURE immediately after use. Hardened material to remove in mechanical way.

Shelf life and storage:
24 months (company A) and 12 months (company B) from the date of production, for properly storaged product in original, not opened and undamaged packaging , at the dry place, at a temperature to +30ºC


Regarding to hardened coating of polyurethane to own optimal characteristics it shall be applied on the concrete surfaces that satisfy these parameters:

– Surface temperature: 15-25ºC
– Firmness of concrete surface: min 25Mpa
– Humidity of concrete surface: max 4%
– Surface shall be hydro isolate
– Concrete surface must be matured at least 28 days, it should not be skimmed or strewed with cement
– The brand shall be min 30MB
– Relative humidity: 50 %

The surface must be clean, dry, firm, without dust, unbounded parts , grease and other impurity.

The surface shall be cleaned from mechanic impurity with a broom, industrial vacuum-cleaner or compressed air. If the surface is damaged ( if crumbles, has corrosion, or it is soiled with petrol or oil), a pre-grinding shall be done. All old colour layers shall be removed.

USER’S MANUAL – Conditions of use
Surface temperature: +13ºC min / +30ºC max
Environmental temperature: +10ºC min / + 35ºC max
Humidity: 65%

Note: possible difference between surface temperature and air temperature is 5ºC.

Mixing tools
To use agitator with propeller with max 300 revolution/minute.

Mixture preparation:
A and B components shall be mixed separately before use, to the full homogeneity. Recommended time for mixing each component is 2-3 minutes.
Mixing ratio: 4:1 (weight ration of the components A and B)

The entire content of a component B ( strengthener) shall be added in the component A gradually, by consistant mixing of agitator with propeller. Complet homogeneity is achieved in 2-3 minutes.

Pot life
4-6h at 20˚C.

Before installation it shall be checked surface humidity, relative humidity and a condensation point and if the conditions are filled, installation can start.

Grinding and impregnation of surface: It is necessary to grind the whole surface by rotation grinder and to vacuum. After that, it shall be put the impregnation and if it is necessary to use putty on.

Prepaired mixture of the pur should be applied with the rolller in the 2 coatings on the surface.

Effect of coating can be obtained by strewing of decorative leaflets (chips) on the fresh applied coating pur. After 24h, leaflets should be protected with one layer of the PUR lacque.

Drying (at 20ºC i 50% of relative humidity):
Interphase drying interval : min 16/ 20ºC
Dust dry: 2-3h
Touch dry: 12-16h
Completely dry: 24h, and completely phisical-chemical resistance of the epo floor is achieved after 7 days.

Drying time depends on the temperature of surface and environment, coating thickness and relative humidity.

For optimal use do not let that product is exposed to direct sun light. The material shall not be installed at the temperatures under +10˚C. Proper surface preparation and appliance provide long life of product.