Rubber plateaus

Platforms for slowing down the speed can be made of rubber or of rubber and asphalt.

Platforms of rubber and asphalt are placed at the spots where the pedestrian crossings exist and where is necessary to slow down the traffic. They are placed at the entire width of the street and a frame from rubber elements is made (rubber curb ramps, sidelong elements) , the middle part is fulfilled with the concrete. Platforms’ dimensions can vary, depends on needs. On them is marked pedestrian crossing and in that way pedestrians are channeled to the pedestrian crossing.

Platforms of rubber are mounting-demounting and they are placed at the spots of intensive pedestrian flows where bus/truck traffic proceeds and where is necessary to slow down the traffic without drawbacks for buses or trucks. Width of platforms is from 1350-3850mm and they are placed in the middle of the line , so that the vehicles with bigger wheelbase cross over platforms without trampling on them, the cars must trample on the platforms with at least two wheels and in that way slowing down of the cars is achieved.

Rubber and asphalt platforms

Compact rubber platforms