Rubber means for slowing down traffic

Rubber speed bumps are systems that consist of individual rubber elements, which can be placed on each width of the road, by mounting and demounting.
Rubber speed bumps are made from technical rubber in base black colour and Stamark tape (3M) with retroreflective substance (glass and ceramic beads) in signal yellow or white colour, which is arranged symmetrically in two fields at one segment.

The surface is rough, to reduce slipping.  Tapes, places at the bigger part of surface segment, increase their visibility on the road in the day conditions, and in the night conditions glass beads which are melt in the tape give special reflection, as well as in the conditions of poor visibility.

Rubber speed bumps can be placed easily and quickly at the all surfaces (asphalt, concrete). It doesn’t require flat surface of the road, which is enabled with flapped system and the way of binding to the surface. It doesn’t require cracks neither road dents. Through special technology of binding and increased number of anchors (from 16 to 20 km/piece) a firm, long-term and reliable connection with the surface is achieved.

Technical characteristic of rubber products:

Technical rubber from which all rubber products of company “Model” are made is resistant to all atmospheric conditions, UV rays, petrol derivatives, oils, salts and abrasion. Rubber hardness is 80+6 (0Sh-A), temperature diapason is applicable from -300C to +700C.