Cns and laser engraving and cutting

We offer cnc and lasser cutting, respectively engraving, at different materials: wood, MDF, clirit, forex, gravoplex(golden, silver, relief, black, white), EVA foam, glass, leather…

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is the newest technology of laser engraving, enables making of the most complex products. High precision enables marking of small parts, as well as cutting different shapes precisely .
Laser engraving represents a process during which it comes to light, melt and evaporation of materials that are exposed to laser beam. Many advantages of laser engraving are: a process is clean, without contact, dry, flexible and economic. Laser engravings are permanent, resistant to chemicals, UV rays and scratches.

CNC engraving

CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) engraving means precise computer engraving on different materials: aluminium, brass, clirit (cutting of thick clirit panels), plastic, wood, MDF, plexiglass… CNC engraving is based on engraving of text, picture, material processing or cutting object contours which are set in controlled programme of a computer.