Marking in the interior of a facility can be done by engraving on the graving plastic, wood, pre-cut foil, print.


It is the most common way of promotion. Element of lightweight aluminium construction (it depends on size, as well as smaller than 3kg weight), easy for mounting and demounting, with belonging elegant and practical bag for transport. Height of 2m, the most common selection of width 0.85m-1m-1.2m-1.5m.


They are known as A-board info panels. Very common way of advertising or informing with a very easy way of changing posters. Considering its own small weight, it is easy to move at some other place.

Promotional promo counters

Promotional promo counters or desks with an easy and quick way of mounting and demounting. Very light and after demounting they can be put in a belonging bag, which provides easy transport.


Very efficient advertising element with a huge surface for branding. Easy mounting and demounting, number of uses and changing advertisements on the same or on the new surface is unlimited.