Temporary signalization

Temporary traffic signalization is used in cases of road construction works, the maintenance of the road (regular, periodic or urgent), due to other works on the road that require partly or completely road occupation, due to maintenance of some performances on the road (sports or cultural and so on) or due to some other reasons. Temporary traffic signalization consists of traffic signs and equipment.

Company ‘’Model 5’’, which has also Design office and operative department as its parts, with professional staff and long-term experience, offer possibility of technical documentation of high-quality , as well as efficient realization (deliver, placement and maintenance of temporary traffic signalization and equipment).

Traffic equipment

Vertical barriers

Vertical barriers can be single-sided and double-sided, with the colour scheme related to standards of a country where they are used, they have rounded edges and protective frame, optical system is installed, that guarantee high level of lightening ( 180 mm). A safe bar with a connector for panel stability belongs to the spare parts of the equipment and as additional equipment it can be delivered a safe surface as a base.

Portable curb with delineator

Suitable for traffic directioning, it can be installed easily at all weather condions, with the tool for installing and assembling, it does not keep water, it can be moved easily and without leaving traces , products are usually made of recycled material, do not pollute the environment, they are provided with holes for installing panels and reflectors in the shape of prism.

Signal trailers

Signal trailers incorporate lightning content, as blinkers with reflecting of the content, as barriers with red-white fields and traffic signs. A great adventage of the trailer, related to some other type of protecting people and equipment is their mobility. We have in our offer many types of trailers. Differences between them are mold and quantity of signal and light equipment which is placed on them.

Plastic barriers

– Made of UV stable plastic (HDPE) ;
With portable pedestal ;
– Foil- type 1;
– Weight: around 18 kg; width: 2m,
– The entire height ( with a pedestal) 1030mm, barrier’s height 850 mm,
– Colours: white, orange or yellow

Protective barriers – type “New Jersy”

Type with the height of 800mm
– The whole element of a barrier for directing, which is hollow, is made of polyethylene, with blow molding,
– Elements of a barrier are connected with installed coupling plugs,
– Round bolts are at the top spherically marked with the reflective foil type II which improves visibility at night
– We recommend filling elements with water, for increasing stability,
– Diameter of a circle can be 8.5m with 20 elements
– Colours: red and white
– Dimensions- base: 550 mm, heigt:800mm, length:1250mm
– Weight: empty around 10kg per element, filled around 130 kg per element

Jersy barrier – Jersy wall

Type with a height of 500mm
– Thanks to fitting system they can be easily connected
– Elements can be installed under 900
(4 elements form a closed circle),
– Spherical reflection enables a good visibility at night,
– Supplemental elements for connecting are not necessary,
– They can be matched easily during the transport,
– Colour: red and white,
– Foil- type 2,
– Dimensions- length: 1250mm, width: 350mm, height: 500 mm
– Weight: 7.5 kg

Blinking lights – “blinkers”

– Its function is to change traffic conducting at: traffic diversion, road narrow, turning off the traffic lane, marking a building site- pointing the direction;
– Power supply: accumulator 12 V, possibility of power supply 220V;
– Blinkers: halogenic or xenon;
– The line consists of conducting barrier (on which MASTER is situated) and a lot of SLAVES – following barriers which do not have determined position in the line and order of their connection is not important;
-Possibility of programming of light running speed, way and direction of the light running speed.

Portable traffic lights

Portable traffic lights consist of two movable battery boxes, combined traffic lights lantern (red light Ø300; yellow and green light Ø210 mm), lantern pole and electronic control devices.
Mounting and demounting of a device are simple, it can be easily transported, and need for maintenance is minimal.

Technical characteristics:
– Power supply: accumulator 12V 180 Ah
– Working time: in regular regime 96h, in regime of blinking yellow light 180h
– Operating temperature: -15 do +500C
– Electronic control of the accumulator discharge