Characteristics of flexible posts:

A flexible post is new product on our market. It is produced in the production plant of the company ,,Model 5”. The flexible post is made of polyurethane (PU) with reflective strips on the surface. The are two types: with the height of 45cm and with the height of 75cm.

– Made of materials with superior physical qualities (vertical elasticity/flexibility, shockproof)
– Excellent reflective surface layer, serves at first to offer greater visibility at night conditions of driving and high reflexivity
– Upper segment of the post has good shockproof
– This segment, to a great degree, reduces damage of posts in the moment of shock
– A part of reflective surface layer ,in which is incorporated reflective tape, reduces damage of the entire surface layer in the case of hits
– Surface layer is hipper shockproof .

For these characteristics flexible posts are ideal for:

– Assemblage at the ends of speed bumps, where they increase visibility at more of 200 m, but also improve visibility when the damage of “speed bumps” with snow blowers in winter conditions is possible
– Parking places separation
– Separation, both temporary and permanent , between lanes