Flexible PVC and Rubber traffic cones

Traffic cones are usually used in order to provide traffic and channel vehicle’s flow during the conduction of different works form on the roads . We can offer flexible PVC traffic cones with variety of dimensions (height: 32, 50 and 75 cm). The customer can choose traffic cones with reflective foil or painted.


-high-quality, flexible PVC material
-maximum level of visibility- by using good selection of colours,
-high resistance to changes caused by sunrays
-stability ( by greater weight related to same product from other manufacturer),
-longevity in conditions of exploitation

Rubber traffic cone characteristics:

– flexibility and elasticity,
– safety ( a vehicle can not be damaged during the unintential crossing over the cone),
– stability (secured with the weight of 1.2 km and great geometry of the cone),
– longevity in conditions of expoitation
– possibility of recycling at the end of exploitation