Tourist signalization represents one of the subsystem of the traffic signalization. By having a lot of usages that are not only from traffic area, tourist signalization is the subject in which are involved a lot of different interests. Usually, that are questions of placement of tourist signalization signs and the content of them.

It can be simply said, for tourist signalization, according to the definition of road signalization, that it is used for direction of the traffic users to the tourist places. Tourist signalization consists of information signs that direct traffic users to the tourist objects and tourist attraction. The main characteristic of tourist signalization is the fact that these signs cannot replace regular signs, signs for conducting traffic, nor in advertisements of some tourist locations . They represent type of the traffic signs and for that reason, they have clear defined content, shape and colour, as well as spot of placement.

Type of tourist signalization

– tourist information boards
– tourist road direction arrow
– tourist boards for marking tourist attractions
– welcoming tourist boards
– directional signs for public objects

Tourist signalization signs are characteristic because of special determined colour of the sing’s base and special symbols that mark tourist attraction. The colour of the signs’ base is brown and her calorimeter and photometer characteristics are exactly defined. This colour is used for marking significant tourist objects, and for tourist objects of local importance the white colour is used as a base colour.

The system of tourist signalization defined in this way is completely compatible with elements of guidepost signalization, so that they can be used equally the ones with the others.