General characteristics of cold plastic

Cold plastic is multicomponent, usually two-component material which is used for permanent marking of horizontal traffic signalization. By mixing fundamental component with the activator- peroxide is gotten material which is ready to be applied on the road by hand or machine.Cold plastic is made in white, yellow, red, black, green and blue colour. It is chemical and physical resistant to oils, petrol and salt.

– Visible at all periods of the day and night, at all conditions of lightning, as well as at all weather conditions,
– Good adhesion to the surface
– Resistant to salt for melting snow and ice
– Resistant to friction related to quantity of predicted traffic load
– Not make cracks on the road
– Easy for putting by hand or machine
– Guaranteed durability is from 3 to 5 years
– All marker materials are tested (BAST certificate)
– All materials are ecological (without presence of heavy materials)
– A great range of tones (colours).

Criteria for choosing marker material

– Load of traffic ( whether it is freight traffic or passenger traffic)
– Importance of the road (if it is local road or highway)
– Width and thickness of the line
– Surface on which colour is put
– Weather conditions, related to season
– Temperature of the asphalt- because of paint drying

Description of the place for using of material:

– Road narrows -on the bridges and omissions
– Intersections- road crossing at an acute angle, without necessary transparency, inappropriate traffic equipment, unlit
– Dangerous bends- bends with insufficient transparency, a small radius for observed range of the road, inappropriate cross slope, without required traffic equipment
– Level crossing at an acute angle, without necessary transparency, inappropriate provided traffic and marked places.
– Roads which go through settlements – This appearance are present: high speeds, parking on the roads, moving of pedestrians (especially children) on the roads, inadequate solved pedestrian crossings, unlit sections of the road, objects which reduce transparency.
– Pedestrian crossings- Poorly visible, inadequate regulated, without necessary traffic signalization and equipment on the places where children go intensively (school zones, zones of attraction).
– Tunnels- inadequate marked accesses to the objects, not enough lit, without adequate traffic signalization and equipment.

Measures proposed for resolving demands:

– Horizontal signalization of high reflexivity
– Horizontal signalization of good exploitative properties (durability)
– Rough cold plastic
– Materials which possess good characteristics related to slipping and excellent adhering to the surface
– Acoustic road markings installation, they are made of thick materials for horizontal applications
– Rumble strips installation, made of thick marks (max thickness of material 7mm)
– Visibility at all traffic conditions, especially at difficult atmospheric conditions
– Possibility of application on the road by hand or machine

Road markings

Tactile paths

Rumble-acoustic road markings